Introduction to the Art of Painted Copper

Copper Embossing Art

Copper embossing art is the practice of applying patterns and coloring to copper metal. The lustrous copper, combined with various colors and Iranian motifs, creates captivating and incredibly beautiful scenes. Playing with colors and infusing life into copper has increased the popularity of copper embossing art.

As a result, some refer to it as miniature art, in other words, it involves painting on products entirely made of copper.

This art form is a fresh type of copper craftsmanship that blends with the ancient art of miniature dating back thousands of years and has garnered a substantial following. Copper embossing and decorative products are suitable for those seeking colorful and attractive items to adorn their workplaces or homes.

What is Copper Embossing Art?

Copper embossing entails an artwork applied directly to the surface of a copper object, with patterns and colors directly added to the surface. After preparing the copper surface, an artist draws a predetermined design directly onto the object’s surface, then proceeds to paint it. Subsequently, the object’s surface is polished, and unnecessary parts are removed.

Finally, a polyester layer is applied, enhancing the shine and protection of the object. This process adds extra value to the object. A shiny object attracts more attention and makes all the intricacies of copper embossing art more prominent.

Differences Between Copper Embossing and Miniature Art

The biggest difference between copper embossing and miniature art lies in design, painting, and coloring. Copper embossing involves directly designing and coloring the copper surface. Miniature art typically involves creating smaller paintings on paper or another surface and is distinct from copper embossing art.

Maintaining Copper Embossing Art

These elegant products are often kept away from damage since they are commonly used for decorative purposes. It is essential to keep the following points in mind when using or cleaning them:

  • Avoid scratches and impacts.
  • Refrain from using abrasive chemicals when cleaning copper-embossed products. Cleaning gently with a soft cloth is preferred.
  • Prevent acidic or sour foods and beverages from coming into contact with these products.

Various Copper Embossing Products

A variety of products are created using copper embossing art, including:

  • Copper and embossed candleholders
  • Copper trays and dessert plates
  • Sugar boxes
  • Flower pots
  • Mirrors and candleholders

You can explore the range of these products on the Hand Iran website and add a special touch to your home or workplace.

Painted Copper products (art of painting on copper)